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According to the NFPA’s Fire Research and Analysis Division, 11% of all firefighter injuries are the result of falls. 18% of the Severe Injuries are a result of falls, and the number peaks in January when the nights are longest. We are working with the NFPA Technical Coordinating Committee to update the 2020 edition of the NFPA 1931 standard to integrate all ladder accessories including our patent pending illumination kits.

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Our Patented illumination kits help firefighters accomplish their mission “to save lives and protect property” and they improve fireground safety They have been designed to work on NFPA certified ladders. The retrofit kit does not alter the structural integrity of ladder and does not affect the NFPA certification.


  • Designed to meet &/or exceed the most rigorous requirements of IBEW Master Instructor Linemen and Excelon Industrial Health & Safety Professionals.

  • One rung rechargeable retrofit kit that is compatible with both step ladders and extension ladders.

  • Designed to work in explosive environments (both IP67 and intrinsically safe) and meets or exceeds all relevant UL testing requirements.

  • Our products are safe for use on all use on all possible hazardous work sites including Hazardous Materials incidents.

  • Linemen often find themselves working in bad weather and storms in order to maintain electrical power for homes, hospitals, factories, and schools. Because they have a fire service pedigree, our products are safe for use in power plant generation facilities to end-users and in all types of power transmission and distribution systems for industrial, commercial, and residential markets.


  • US Patent (USPTO Pending Serial Number 15/016,648 with Notice of Allowance granted in July of 2018.)
  • Components tested to NIST Thermal Class (I, II, III)
  • Custom designed machined housings using an aluminum alloy (6000 series- aircraft/military grade) for optimal LED heatsink and to prevent electrolytic reaction with ladder.
  • State of the art Cree X Lamp LEDs
  • FCC EMC/RF compliant (Title 47 CFR Part 15)
  • Custom 3100 mAh 20V Rechargeable Battery Pack using the most durable Lithium Polymer (LiFePO4) cells that have been previously tested by Sandia National Labs for nail penetration, over-discharge, thermal stability, extreme short and crush tests.
  • Compliant & compatible with NFPA 1931 & 1932 Ground Ladder Standards
  • Tested to applicable parts of the MIL STD 810-G & IEC standard 60529 IP-67
  • System tested to following UL Standards:
  • UL 2054 Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries
  • UL 1642 Standard for Lithium Batteries
  • UL 2108 Standard for Low Voltage Systems
  • UL 8750 Standard for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment.


Each retrofit kit contains two circuits and two battery packs. Each circuit is designed to power one ladder segment and contains a base for the rechargeable battery with integrated drive circuit and three position switch, a string of five Cree LEDs mounted in custom housings using machined military-grade aluminum alloy.

The Cree XLamp LEDs can deliver 1000 lumens with 100 lumens per watt efficacy. Our LEDs have been tuned to perform at two settings. Based on feedback from firefighters, the low setting is the minimum acceptable power level. The high setting is the maximum luminous output without blanching the vision of those using the ladders. At the low power setting, the lights can remain lit from dusk to dawn. Battery packs generate 20V and store 3100 mAh. Kits are designed with two independent circuits to allow for redundancy in the unlikely event of failure.

In addition to illuminating fire buildings, this lighting solution has the following applications:

  • Portable scene lighting for extrications & trench rescues
  • Lighting a triage & casualty collection area
  • Illuminating helicopter landing zone
  • Portable wide area search lighting
  • Improves operational safety and decreases exposure to liability

Meet the Guys

Bill Finegan
Bill Finegan
Bill is a paramedic with over 30 years of service and co-creator of the Finegan Light
Pat Creed
Pat Creed
Pat Creed is a US Veteran, Firefighter, and First Responder. He’s the other half of Finegan Lights.

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