Firefighting is dangerous work.
Let’s make it safer.

Also, the danger increases exponentially in the dark. Having a ladder that is capable of illuminating itself and the immediate area is a game changer for the Fire Service. Ladders with our lights will be able to illuminate the foundation, exterior walls and windows improving firefighter safety and giving Incident Commanders vastly improved domain awareness at night.

Problem solving/lifesaving is our life’s work. The mission of Finegan & Creed is to use ideas created by firefighters solving their own problems, and to take those products to market. Our first product is a patented illumination retrofit kit that is specifically designed to be attached to the ground ladders that firefighters already use.

In addition to their service to their communities, both Bill Finegan and Pat Creed are Veterans. Bill served in the Naval Reserve as a Navy Corpsman, and Pat is a retired US Army Major with service in the 75th Ranger Regiment and he also did a tour as Civil Affairs for Special Operations Command. Finegan & Creed were finalists for the Greater Philadelphia Veteran’s Business Shark Tank.


Meet the Guys

Bill Finegan
Bill Finegan
Bill is a paramedic with over 30 years of service and co-creator of the Finegan Light
Pat Creed
Pat Creed
Pat Creed is a US Veteran, Firefighter, and First Responder. He’s the other half of Finegan Lights.

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